Understanding $KUNAI Tokenomics

Advisory Team: 10.000.000
Airdrop & Marketing: 1.000.000
Project Staking & Burn: 10.000.000
Reserve Supply: 4.000.000
Listing Liquidity: 2.000.000
Pre-Sale: 1.000.000
Token Sale: 2.000.000
Stake Minting: 120.000.000

Staking & Burn

Year 1

≈ 25% APR
Project Burn

Year 2

≈ 20% APR
Project Burn

Year 3

≈ 19% APR
Project Burn

Year 4

≈ 18% APR
Project Burn

Year 5

≈ 17% APR
Project Burn

The Strategic Core of KunaiKash

YearsMax Minted Per YearProject StakingProject Staking Minted Per YearProject Staking Burn Per YearMax Circulating SupplyAPR Staking
After 1 Year APR3.250.00010.000.0002.500.0002.000.00014.250.00025%
After 2 Year APR2.850.0008.000.0001.600.0002.000.00015.100.00020%
After 3 Year APR2.869.0006.000.0001.140.0002.000.00015.969.00019%
After 4 Year APR2.874.4204.000.000720.0002.000.00016.843.42018%
After 5 Year APR2.863.3812.000.000340.0002.000.00017.706.80117%
After 6 Year APR2.833.088020.539.89016%
After 7 Year APR3.080.983023.620.87315%
After 8 Year APR3.543.131027.164.00415%
After 9 Year APR4.074.601031.238.60515%
After 10 Year APR4.685.791035.924.39510%
After 11 Year APR5.388.659041.313.05510%
After 12 Year APR6.196.958047.510.01310%
After 13 Year APR7.126.502054.636.51510%
After 14 Year APR8.195.477062.831.99210%
After 15 Year APR9.424.799072.256.79110%

All $KUNAI Wallets

Stake-Burn Year 1klv1x4mmtynu8s6fgp48henafll8e968rmsuukvp9l0q6zda2qh4zq5qcsa53q
Stake-Burn Year 2klv1zg80pd7836y8e39szg2usnw3m0k3ted4lyz5ly2gwvt9scucs40sw2x2rg
Stake-Burn Year 3klv176g0j22h8pskyyer0ed6vclfmkxf55e39wzr9lrhesnlmpavy8usc77jt5
Stake-Burn Year 4klv1w6ja9h3ptmsh0y7d6wc4axk5afk9zleu89rsy9wugv5ak4dy7vqsew5nc3
Stake-Burn Year 5klv10mtrf66qax4wh3zh74azpmxadye66hjh4jdexjrlrryfy9ver4ns30s4l4
Public Saleklv1wz4v74xjt90fv92ncuawvqs2gwq6dv6u9srgf8x69st98lggw4ssjyx7pl

Total Tokens Ever: 150 million $KUNAI.

Available at Start: 30 million $KUNAI.

Initial Token Distribution:

Team’s Share: 10 million (These can’t be used for earning rewards).

Reward Program: 10 million set aside to reward holders, with 2 million being burned every year to increase value.

Pre-Sale: 1 million available for early supporters at 3 KLV per $KUNAI.

Public Sale: 2 million up for grabs at 5 KLV per $KUNAI for everyone.

Community Rewards: 1 million for promotional events and community engagement.

Market Support: 2 million to ensure $KUNAI’s price stability when listed.

Future Plans: 4 million reserved for strategic growth and opportunities.

Initial Token Price:

Advised Opening Price: 6 KLV per $KUNAI (Subject to change).

Any tokens not bought will be used to support the token’s market price.

At Launch: If all 3 million tokens sell out, we’ll start with 13 million $KUNAI in the market for earning rewards.

After 1 Year: An additional 3.25 million $KUNAI will have been created through rewards, but we’ll burn 2 million to keep the market healthy, leaving 14.25 million $KUNAI for rewards.


  • These figures don’t include the tokens that will be added to the market during the year.
  • In the event that demand for $KUNAI soars beyond our expectations, we are prepared to initiate a third sale phase. This exclusive opportunity will be fueled by our reserved tokens, ensuring that even more can join the Shinobisei ranks and become part of the $KUNAI legacy.

Money we raise will be put to work earning more in DeFi spaces. Profits from this will be used to buy more KLV and distributed to those holding $KUNAI at random times (not on a set schedule).

Minimum Time to Earn Rewards: You need to hold your tokens for at least 24 hours.

Taking Out Your Tokens: You can remove your tokens or claim your rewards after 24 hours.

Why These Rules?
We want to make sure our community members are in it for the long run, and these rules help us understand how many tokens are being held consistently.

A Symbol of Versatility and Precision

Rewards for Early Adopters

Early adopters of $KUNAI stand to gain significant staking rewards, with APRs starting high and offering attractive returns for those who act swiftly on KleverChain.

Public Sale is Over

You can buy $KUNAI on Bitcoin.me Exchange or swap using VoxSwap.io
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Community-Centric Approach

Become an integral part of Shinobisei. With 1M $KUNAI set aside for airdrops, socials, and media events, we're building a community that rewards participation and engagement.

Become an Influencer

Find digital assets to promote KunaiKash and tell everyone to do the same.
Brand Assets

Fair Distribution and Transparency

Trust in a project that values fairness and transparency. KunaiKash's clear token allocation plan lays a strong foundation for equitable growth & distribution on KleverChain network.

Check out our Contract

Looking for our transparent KunaiKash blockchain contract?
View Contract

Incentives for Holding

KunaiKash's tokenomics are designed to reward holders with a decreasing supply and potential price appreciation, reinforcing the value of long-term investment strategies.

Earn Monthly Rewards

Stake 1000 $KUNAI or more and access Staking Rewards and Revenue Rewards.
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Where to buy / trade


KunaiKash ($KUNAI) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency token designed for the Klever Blockchain (KleverChain). It combines the agility and precision of ninja heritage with the power of modern blockchain technology, offering a unique investment opportunity for those in the digital finance realm.

Yes, If you missed our pre-sale event, $KUNAI will be made available to the public for a second opportunity to own $KUNAI. Keep an eye on our official channels for dates and details on how you can participate in the public token sale.

Staking $KUNAI offers multiple benefits, including earning interest on your tokens, contributing to the network’s security, and helping govern the KunaiKash ecosystem. Stakers can enjoy competitive APRs, making it a potentially rewarding investment strategy.

Absolutely! Once the swap functionality is approved and activated, you’ll be able to exchange $KUNAI with other cryptocurrencies seamlessly, leveraging the speed and security of the KleverChain.

$KUNAI can be purchased during our pre-sale and public sales, and, after launch, through designated exchanges and swap services that will be announced on our official platforms. Stay tuned for a list of supported exchanges.

We are actively exploring listings on top-tier exchanges and forging strategic partnerships that will enhance the utility and reach of $KUNAI. Details about these developments will be shared as they are finalized.

$KUNAI is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, introducing proprietary technologies that enhance transaction speed, reduce costs, and provide a user-friendly experience. Our dedicated tech team is also exploring advancements in interoperability and smart contract functionality within the KleverChain ecosystem.