$KUNAI is a token with a mission revenue goals talented individuals monthly rewards

Every holder of KunaiKash is a part of this mission, contributing to and benefiting from the strategic advances of the community.



Limited Availability

With only 150 million tokens ever minted, your investment ensures you're part of a limited group of visionaries.

Progressive Staking Rewards

The longer you stake, the more you stand to earn, making it more than just a token – it's a commitment to shared success.

Empower Your Portfolio with KunaiKash

Step into the Realm of Shinobisei: Empower Your Portfolio with KunaiKash, Powered by KleverChain's Cutting-Edge Technology.

A Symbol of Versatility and Precision

Rewards for Early Adopters

Early adopters of $KUNAI stand to gain significant staking rewards, with APRs starting high and offering attractive returns for those who act swiftly on KleverChain.

Public Sale is Over

You can buy $KUNAI on Bitcoin.me Exchange or swap using VoxSwap.io
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Community-Centric Approach

Become an integral part of Shinobisei. With 1M $KUNAI set aside for airdrops, socials, and media events, we're building a community that rewards participation and engagement.

Become an Influencer

Find digital assets to promote KunaiKash and tell everyone to do the same.
Brand Assets

Fair Distribution and Transparency

Trust in a project that values fairness and transparency. KunaiKash's clear token allocation plan lays a strong foundation for equitable growth & distribution on KleverChain network.

Check out our Contract

Looking for our transparent KunaiKash blockchain contract?
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Incentives for Holding

KunaiKash's tokenomics are designed to reward holders with a decreasing supply and potential price appreciation, reinforcing the value of long-term investment strategies.

Earn Monthly Rewards

Stake 1000 $KUNAI or more and access Staking Rewards and Revenue Rewards.
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Where to buy / trade

BUIDL on KleverChain

Transform Your Crypto Journey with KunaiKash – Built on KleverChain for Next-Generation Decentralized Excellence.

Klever Wallet

Send, Receive, Swap Stake your $KUNAI in Klever Wallet.

Simplified Staking

Securely stake your $KUNAI and get rewarded every minute.

Trade on Bitcoin.me

Use the Bitcoin.me DEX to trade $KUNAI with USDT pairs.


Use KleverScan to track and monitor $KUNAI and it’s progression.

$KUNAI Tokenomics

Advisory Team: 10.000.000
Airdrop & Marketing: 1.000.000
Project Staking & Burn: 10.000.000
Reserve Supply: 4.000.000
Listing Liquidity: 2.000.000
Pre-Sale: 1.000.000
Token Sale: 2.000.000
Stake Minting: 120.000.000

Staking & Burn

Year 1

≈ 25% APR
Project Burn

Year 2

≈ 20% APR
Project Burn

Year 3

≈ 19% APR
Project Burn

Year 4

≈ 18% APR
Project Burn

Year 5

≈ 17% APR
Project Burn


February 2024

Unveil the prowess of $KUNAI: A token not merely forged but born from the shadows, ready to claim its place in the digital realm.

March 2024

The inner circle convenes: Secure your place in the ranks by partaking in the exclusive $KUNAI Pre-Sale.

March 2024

The gates open wide: Join the ranks of the valiant as the $KUNAI Public Sale heralds a new era for all.

April 2024

Master the art if agility with Swap Options; $KUNAI transforms the marketplace into a dojo of opportunity. First listing applications will be attempted via bitcoin.me & voxswap.io

May 2024

Expand your arsenal: Multiple avenues emerge to acquire $KUNAI, ensuring every warrior can join the battle.

June 2024

Forge alliances beyond borders: $KUNAI scouts the horizons for prestigious listings and partnerships, marking the rise of a new digital shogunate. 

January 2025

One year into our quest: KunaiKash celebrates the first milestone, marking a year of stealthy success and unwavering strategy 

February 2025

The first culling: Witness as we sharpen $KUNAI's edge, burning 2 million tokens to forge scarcity from abundance.  

February 2026

Continuing the legacy: Another 2 million $KUNAI vanish in the flames, as our token grows ever more formidable.  

February 2027

The ritual endures: As $KUNAI ascends, we cast 2 million more into the fire, honing the might of our collective will.

February 2028

The flame purifies: $KUNAI's path is relentless as another 2 million tokens are consigned to legend.

February 2029

A tradition of power: The final 2 million $KUNAI meet their end, sealing our resolve and the token's destiny.

Our Team

Our team always finds effective ways to improve our products and processes

Kazumi Keiji

Head Financial Strategist and Analyst

Kazumi Keiji’s analytical prowess and ability to decipher complex market patterns make him the backbone of the project’s financial decision-making.

Daichi Sato

Head of Technology and Marketing

Daichi Sato blends innovative approaches to tech and marketing propel KunaiKash’s visibility and user engagement in the digital landscape.

Hiro Nakamura

Lead Blockchain Developer

His exceptional skills in blockchain development ensure KunaiKash’s platform is secure, robust, and ahead of its time, much like a ninja’s stealthy yet impactful moves.

Naika Yamato

Project Lead Ninja

Naika Yamato orchestrates KunaiKash’s operations with the finesse of a seasoned leader, navigating the project through challenges and ensuring smooth execution.

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KunaiKash ($KUNAI) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency token designed for the Klever Blockchain (KleverChain). It combines the agility and precision of ninja heritage with the power of modern blockchain technology, offering a unique investment opportunity for those in the digital finance realm.

Yes, If you missed our pre-sale event, $KUNAI will be made available to the public for a second opportunity to own $KUNAI. Keep an eye on our official channels for dates and details on how you can participate in the public token sale.

Staking $KUNAI offers multiple benefits, including earning interest on your tokens, contributing to the network’s security, and helping govern the KunaiKash ecosystem. Stakers can enjoy competitive APRs, making it a potentially rewarding investment strategy.

Absolutely! Once the swap functionality is approved and activated, you’ll be able to exchange $KUNAI with other cryptocurrencies seamlessly, leveraging the speed and security of the KleverChain.

$KUNAI can be purchased during our pre-sale and public sales, and, after launch, through designated exchanges and swap services that will be announced on our official platforms. Stay tuned for a list of supported exchanges.

We are actively exploring listings on top-tier exchanges and forging strategic partnerships that will enhance the utility and reach of $KUNAI. Details about these developments will be shared as they are finalized.

$KUNAI is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, introducing proprietary technologies that enhance transaction speed, reduce costs, and provide a user-friendly experience. Our dedicated tech team is also exploring advancements in interoperability and smart contract functionality within the KleverChain ecosystem.